Air Source Heat Pumps

  • CPCE design and install Air Source Heat Pump systems
  • CPCE are accredited Mitsubishi Ecodan Installers
  • Very efficient, energy-saving systems
  • Very reliable and low maintenance
  • Qualifies for RHI (Renewable heat Incentive), conditions apply
  • Can be more than three times more efficient than heating with gas
  • Works extremely well with under-floor heating systems
  • Planning permission may be required

An Air Source Heat Pump works much like a fridge in reverse. The heat pump is filled with a refrigerant, which effectively boils from a liquid to a gas at 0 degree centigrade. So, although the air outside is far too cold to heat water or provide for central heating – free energy in the air is usually quite sufficient to warm the refrigerant and cause it to boil from a liquid to a gas.

The energy from the air is taken to heat the refrigerant to above its boiling point. The reason for this is that it takes far more energy to raise the temperature of the refrigerant let's say from minus 2 to 2 degrees centigrade than to raise the temperature from 2 to 55 degrees centigrade.

So the first operation is performed by transferring heat from the air, and the second relatively lower-cost operation is performed by the compressor, which compresses the refrigerant and raises the temperature of the refrigerant high enough to heat the water and provide enough heat for heating.

CPCE is an accredited Mitsubishi Ecodan Installer. The Ecodan systems we install seek a coefficient of performance of about 3.0. That means that for every unit of electricity that fuels the Ecodan, the system will produce 3 kW of heat. In other words it is 300% efficient.

The property must be well enough insulated and efficient enough to ensure that installing a heat pump is cost effective. Most existing housing would not be suitable unless adequate measures are taken to improve the efficiency of the property.

New-build premises are perfect, as the heat requirement for these buildings is much lower. We would undertake an accurate assessment of the heat requirement of the building before recommending and designing a system based on a ground source or air source heat pump.

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Calorex Air source heat pumps