Case study 12 / Mr Joe Gipps, Anglesea, North Wales

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Description of system

The property is a converted mill overlooking the sea in Anglesea

We installed a 1.5 kwp photovoltaic system consisting of 6 LG250 watt high performance panels with SMA SB1200 inverter. The panels were selected for their high performance and output in all conditions especially at low insolation rates (cloudy days).

The panels are mounted on a south facing 30 degree pitched roof on the Renusol on roof mounting system.

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Performance of system

  • Solar pv 1.5 kwp LG250 x 6
  • Solar PV predicted output SAP estimated: 1287.6 kwh
  • Predicted financial yield from FIT and electricity savings and export tariff combined: £682.43 (based on current rate 0.45p kwh systems installed before Dec11 2011)