Cavity Wall Insulation


  • Save £135 per year in an average home
  • Easy to install externally
  • Warmer and more comfortable home
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Very likely to qualify for Green Deal finance – no upfront cost

Cavity walls are generally found in houses built between 1924 and mid 1980s. Before 1924 homes were generally built with solid walls. And from the mid 1980s cavities were filled with insulation.

You can tell if you have a solid wall or a cavity wall from the pattern of the brickwork.

Solid walls are made up of a pattern of whole bricks and half bricks whereas with cavity walls, the pattern is made from whole bricks.

Cavity wall insulation is installed by drilling small holes in the brick work and injecting the insulating material the gap (void) between the two layers of brick.

The insulation material must completely fill the cavity.