Double Glazing


  • Our house saves £104 per year
  • Warmer, cosier homes
  • A-rated, fully sealed windows protecting against heat loss and draughts.
  • Adds to the ascetics and value of your home
  • In the right context could qualify for Green Deal Finance

Outrageous claims are made about double-glazing. But, we are honest and accurate.

We work with the best, certified and insured double-glazing companies, providing the highest quality installations and service.

We can install Victorian sash double-glazed A-rated windows in a comprehensive range of styles and materials to match the context of your home.

When we carry out our Energy Performance Survey, you’ll receive an estimate of savings for installing double-glazing – calculated by the Governments approved tools under the Green Deal and SAP (2010) for calculating the energy performance of buildings.

In many cases double glazing would not meet the Green Deal golden rule of paying for themselves inside twenty years. However, we work with our partners to ensure the highest quality materials and excellent value for money and because we are building a complete package of measures for your homes in many cases the installation will be eligible for Green Deal finance.