Heating only Boilers

  • Complete Plumbing Clean Energy designs and install heat and hot water systems for high- and low-pressure applications.
  • Heating Only Boilers can be used in high- and low-pressure systems with hot water cylinders.
  • Unvented hot water systems produce high-pressure showers and taps with no pumps required.
  • High-efficiency boilers can be used on low-pressure systems.

A Heating Only Condensing Boiler is a conventional boiler that heats water in a separate hot water cylinder. This cylinder may be a low-pressure cylinder supplied by a tank or a high-pressure unvented hot water cylinder, which stores water supplied direct from the mains.

The condensing part of the system means that the hot flue gas is recycled within the boiler so as much heat as possible is extracted from the gas you burn – saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Solar panels may also be used to heat the hot water, further reducing the costs of running a gas boiler.