Solar Hot Water

  • CPCE design and install solar thermal (hot water systems)
  • MCS Accredited
  • Qualifies for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), conditions apply
  • Energy saving and efficient
  • Planning permission may be required

A solar thermal system is quite simple: a highly efficient collector usually made up of two to three panels is installed on the roof.

These are connected to your hot water cylinder with two very well insulated special solar pipes. As the fluid in the pipes is circulated around the system it is heated by the sun directly and transfers the heat collected to the water in the cylinder. The top part of the cylinder is reserved for the boiler so that when there is not sufficient sun to heat the water the boiler will cut in and make up the hot water.

One very common application for solar thermal systems is to heat swimming pools. The heat from the sun is collected and transferred to the swimming pool water, which is in turn circulated through a heat exchanger. So, the water you swim in is not the same water circulated through the panels.