The Green Deal

The Green Deal explained...

The Green Deal is the Government program to ensure the UK can meet its targets under the Kyoto protocol – to reduce carbon emissions by 34% below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. Millions of pounds have been allocated to the Green Deal and it started January 2013.

    What does it mean to you?

  • A warmer home
  • A more efficient business
  • Lower bills
  • No Upfront Cost for energy saving measures and installing clean energy systems

Who is it For ?

The deal is aimed at all householders and businesses whose properties need measures to improve efficiency and reduce bills.

How Does it work ?

Anyone owning a property or business will, simply, be able to borrow money to reduce waste and reduce bills.

How much will I be able to borrow ?

It is estimated that the average sum involved will be around £6,000

How will it be paid back?

The golden rule of the Green Deal is that the works carried out under the Green Deal will more than pay for themselves.

How ?

Firstly, the works have to be assessed by an accredited Green Deal Advisor. He or she will assess the property and propose the most cost effective works to improve performance and reduce bills. This may involve replacing an old and inefficient boiler; new thermostatic radiator valves; loft insulation; cavity wall insulation, or perhaps double-glazed windows. The householder or business will then go to approved and accredited companies and look for quotes to get the work done. The cost of the works must be less than the savings which result. If they are then the works can go ahead. When they are complete the Green Deal Assessor comes back to make sure they have been carried out properly and will yield the predicted savings.

How is the loan paid back .

The works are costed over 25 years. So the loan is paid back over 25 years through your electricity bill. Since the annual savings must be more than the cost – you’ll be saving money, as gas and electricity bills will be reduced. The golden Rule – the works must more than pay for themselves.

What happens if we move or sell our business ?

No problem, because the loan is not attached to an individual. The loan is for the property. So, whoever takes over the property continues to feel the benefits of the investment in the property through lower bills and those savings are more than enough to repay the loan. You won't feel the loan; you will fell the benefits – warmer and more comfortable environments and greater savings as fuel prices rise.

What We Do For You (the process)

“By 2020, we will have seen a revolution in British Property. Millions of us will live and work in greater comfort, through upgraded and insulated properties which do not cost the earth to heat, with smarter controls and meters helping us manage our energy use, and generating our own heat and electricity.”

Our aim is to provide our customers with one simple clean and efficient pathway through the complete Green Deal.

First off we will organise the energy assessment for your home and business.

This is the beginning.

The assessment is entirely independent and objective carried out by an accredited Green Deal Assessor under strict Government guidelines. The independent report will assess your home or business in detail, give you a report on the energy saving measures which you can take and the amount of energy and so money you can save.

In order to qualify for Green Deal Finance – What ever is proposed be it an upgrade for the boiler, installing insulation or installing a renewable technology – the works must meet the Golden Rule.

    The Golden Rule

  • The savings over time must be greater than the cost of the works.
  • So right from day one you are saving money by going ahead with the Green Deal.

Please be aware that we do make a charge for this initial survey to cover our cost but that is because the assessment belongs to you. You can go to any Green Deal Provider to have these measures installed. You can get quotes from any number of Green Deal Installers.

If you choose us we will be delighted! and this is what we will do:

• We will use the independent report to provide you with one simple comprehensive quotation for all the measures.

• We will break down the quote so you can see each measure we quote for independently. We will explain everything to you and make all the costs and benefits very clear.

• If you accept our proposal we will then install the measures for you.

• After they are installed the Green Deal Assessor will return to your home and business to assess whether the works have been carried out to the very strict Green Deal Installer standards and will yield the energy savings they should.

  • I have been a client of CPCE since moving to London in 2005 to a late 19th century house with a dinosaur of a boiler. I continue to benefit from excellent service and professional advice from Nick and his team, from boiler and radiator selection and planning and upgrades for central heating, to tips and tricks on how to solve small problems myself and save a call-out fee. Along with the fast response time sometimes beyond the call of duty, and very friendly and capable engineers, I highly recommend CPCE. With its NAPIT and MCS-accredited commitment to the future of renewable and clean energy, I will definitely work with CPCE when ready for micro-generation installation in my home. Professor Suzanne Buchan, London