What is PV

  • Complete Plumbing Clean Energy design and install Photovoltaic systems (PV), which generate electricity for homes and businesses
  • MCS Accredited
  • Qualify for the Feed-In tariff – Earn money form the electricity you produce
  • Can be mounted on sloping or flat roofs
  • Domestic or large-scale Installations
  • Planning Permission may be required

PV or Photovoltaic refers to the electrical process by which photons produced by the sun cause electrons in silicon cells to move and flow allowing us to capture the electricity.

Sunlight is composed of particles called photons. When photons meet the silicon atoms of the solar cell (designed to convert sunlight into electricity), the energy is transferred to electrons, which are knocked out of the atoms. A PV panel is made up of silicone cells and the panels channel the electricity so that it can be used inside your home and business and earn money from the Feed-In tariff.

The government have introduced the Feed-in tariff, which means if you install your own system and generate your own electricity, you get a sum of money for every kilowatt produced.

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