New planning guidelines mean that more and more sites will be appropriate for wind turbines. The current predicted Feed-In tariff rate for 2012/2013 is 21p per kWh.

Designing and installing a wind-based system will depend on a number of factors: location, i.e. distance, how near or far from structures that could affect the performance of the turbine local topology, etc.

Complete Plumbing would carry out a detailed survey and issue a report determining the likely output of the system of the returns taking into account the long term servicing and maintenance costs of the system.

We may also consider the benefits of stand alone or hybrid systems producing and storing electricity in context where there is no connection to the grid or alternative electricity supplies.

A 6kW grid connected machine on a nine-meter mast could generate up to 9000 kWh per year. Generating a return of around £2,900 a year.