Design & Performance

How do I know the system will produce what you say it will?

How do I know that in a few years’ time it will still work as well as it should?

At CPCE we design and install systems and choose components and manufacturers for their quality performance and reliability. And we test their claims.

We firstly carry out a survey of the proposed location for the panels, the direction they will face and and the impact of any potential shading.

We then enter the data in a simulation software which predicts the performance of the system based on the orientation of the system(which way the panels are facing, the pitch of the roof) and the individual components ie the make of the panels and the size and technical characteristics of the inverter.

Panels perform differently at different levels of insolation (amount of sunlight) and we expect optimum performance from our systems to generate and gain the maximum amount of electricity. If the inverter is not well matched to the system, it will simply not switch on in certain conditions. We also encourage our customers to install our Online Monitoring so we can check how everything is working at any time, with our clear month-by-month simulation of what the system should be producing – and compare performance to other similar systems.

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Computer simulation showing the effects of shading and calculating the performance of the system