Ground Floor Insulation


  • Save £135 per year in an average home
  • Warmer and More comfortable home
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Very likely to qualify for Green Deal finance – no upfront cost

Insulating under the ground floor can be a major source of savings and is essential when installing underfloor heating. If at any time you are lifting floorboards for other works, take the opportunity to insulate.

There are two types of floor: suspended wooden floor and solid concrete floors.

Insulating suspended wooden floors involves lifting the floor boards and either inserting 70mm foam insulation or 150mm of mineral wool quilt insulation. The target U value for the floor should be around 0.3 W/M2/K.

Solid floors can be insulated either by installing insulation under a new solid floor (this is a requirement for all new solid floors under current building regulations) or installing insulation over the top of an existing solid floor. This will raise the floor and so require alterations to doors.