Case study 9 / Mr&Mrs Richard Seager, East Dulwich, London

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Description of system

The property is a modern 4 bedroom house in Forest Hill London.

We installed a 2.5kwp photovoltaic system consisting of 10 LG250 watt high performance panels. The panels were selected for their high performance and output in all conditions especially at low insolation rates (cloudy days)

The panels are mounted on the high performance Renusol consol plus mounting trays which allow for a 15 degree mounting pitch reducing mutual shading on flat roofs and considerably reducing the ballast required and consequent loading on the roof. A full computer simulation was required to determine the optimum spacing between modules to allow for the optimum number of panels uncompromised by mutual shading.

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Performance of system

  • Solar pv 2.5 kwp LG250 x 10
  • Solar PV predicted output SAP estimated2146 kwh
  • Predicted financial yield from FIT based on SAP 2009: £965.70
  • Predicted financial yield from FIT and electricity savings and export tariff combined: £1126.65 (based on current rate 0.45p kwh systems installed before Dec11 2011)

Customer comment

"We asked three companies to provide us with estimates to install PV panels. CPHS was not only the most thorough of the three in terms of the survey they undertook but they also came up with the most cost effective proposal. The installation went pretty smoothly and the system works well"

Richard Seager - Management consultant