For Developers & Architects

We carry out volume installations for a number of developers.

  • "Our architectural practice is in its infancy and growing on the strength of previous project experiences in several construction fields.We rely heavily on allied consultants and look to forge relationships that last and provide an enjoyable collaboration to our varied workload. CPCE, headed by Nick Cotton are now working on our third project together. Their contribution to what is turning out to be extensive team of consultants is at all times positive, attentive and knowledgeable. With the expanding and ever more technical requirements of "sustainability" and dependency on mechanical services to resolve issues, CPCE's enthusiasm, passion and expertise is invaluable.
    No enquiry is too much trouble to assess and reply to promptly with considered options that can move the particular project to a successful coordinated conclusion. CPCE are fully aware of and attentive to client demands on speedy approvals and reduced on site construction time." Colin Smith for CS Architects

CPCE carry out volume installations for a number of developers and work closely with architects to meet planning requirements , target emission rates and code requirements at the design and planning stage.

Town planners are pushing for higher standards of sustainable development and our highly trained staff ensure proposals and installations are practical and robust and meet the highest expectations both in terms of performance and returns.

Government targets will mean that from 2016 new buildings will need to be carbon neutral, i.e. producing as much energy from renewable sources as they consume. Planning consent is often dependent on new buildings providing at least 15% of the energy required from renewable sources.

We have the in-house expertise to design and install solutions that will meet the project’s targets for renewables as well as the target level for Code for Sustainable Homes. CPCE offer practical and cost-effective solutions that complement the design specification of your building.

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